Hannibal Lecter
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5th-Mar-2012 04:17 am (UTC)
glass_ofchianti: (Adorable psychopath)
No, but that's all the question was asking about.

Strangely enough, I even wear pajamas when going to bed! I usually dress more formally, of course, but when I'm home on my own I like to take advantage of that fact sometimes.

Wait for what?

I do enjoy your company when you're over, George.

I'm fascinated by the human body. Everything in it is a beautiful, refined tool that has evolved to do specific tasks as efficiently as possible. Of course, less than desirable breeding habits means we've rather stopped evolving at this point, but it's a marvel. I deeply enjoy learning about the form and function of all the systems and their inter-dependency.

It also calls for very exact dexterity (when performing autopsies, biopsies, surgeries, etc), skill, and quick thinking, but still allows for the quiet and reflection of research papers. It's an ideal field for me, though I still want to expand my learnings after graduating school and paying off these loans (which actually are relatively few for the high cost; I mostly have scholarships).
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