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Hannibal Lecter ([personal profile] glass_ofchianti) wrote2012-03-04 05:24 pm

[29.] Presents and Presence

George, I found I couldn't bear to not indulge in buying you a birthday gift, so I hope you don't find it childish to have done so, even belatedly. Feel free to come over and collect it whenever you would like.~

The day after tomorrow marks when I'm scheduled to go on an outing with three other members of the hospital, two of them staff. How exciting! Perhaps we'll all learn new things about one another, such as flavor preferences and which of us can drink coffee black. Is everyone else excited to be going as well?
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What, seriously? That's really sweet of you. How about I come over tomorrow for breakfast and you can give it to me then? ♥

Ew, small talk. But...I feel like I know very little about Landa...
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It...feels empty to me. Perhaps I've just never had small talk with someone that didn't make me feel awkward during the conversation.
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Well, I don't have much of a choice. What comes up in conversation, well...comes up!
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Sounds exciting, you'll have to write down all the details in your enthralling prose afterwards.~ Or, you know, just subtle flirting with George with a side of knocking Landa down a peg, like usual.